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Over 50 years experience in purebred cattle marketing gives ASN a true edge in helping you reach the maximum potential of your efforts. Straight talk by one of the industry's best known marketing individuals, Gary Bruns, will provide essential information on where, when and how to make your next move, the right move. Gary has the hands-on reputation and proven marketing record to assist in anyone's program. Whether you need sale management, herd consulting or help with private treaty sales, get the straight talk you demand, call Gary today.



  • Genetics
  • Management
  • Heard Health
  • Performance
  • Data Management


It's about measuring the evaluations and then bringing the right and most effective conclusions to you so that they may be implemented for a successful breeding program and marketing campaign.


Complete Marketing

  • Campaign Strategies
  • Private Treaty
  • Sale Management
  • Sale Consulting

'Working with Advanced Solutions Network provides me a diverse set of services with over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience. Their live internet sale technology teamed with auction savvy know-how gives my buyers everything they need for a great online buying experience."–Clark Jones, Jones Beefmasters – Savannah, TN

"If you demand your animals to look their best whether it's in print or in video, Advanced Solutions Network makes it happen. They know how to make you look good and help reach the top end of the market."–Rick Stonecipher, Cottage Farm Beefmasters – Jackson, TN